chamberlin“Before joining Krav Maga, I was pretty much convinced that my years of being in shape and not being overweight were a thing of the past. A friend told me about Krav Maga, and I took my daughter with me to check it out. I was amazed at how high energy all parts of the class were, from warm-ups to the self defense drills. It was obvious that all the sweating people were having a lot of fun.

The self defense techniques are designed to be picked up quickly and are meant to be realistically applied in real life. Thanks to Richard’s humble excellence in teaching, and his encouragement to always keep pushing yourself to higher levels of effort that you may not have thought possible, your fitness level soon increases dramatically, and your self defense skills improve to a level of assured reliability.

This has been a great way to spend time with my daughter and to see the positive changes it has made in her.”

– Rod Chamberlin


“I don’t know what I expected when I signed up for Krav Maga. However, anything I could have imagined would have paled in comparison to what I experienced in my first class. The energy, the intensity, and the pure adrenaline coursing through the air was unlike anything I’d ever witnessed. Aside from learning an array of effective and uncomplicated self defence techniques, I’ve also had the privilege of interacting in an unbelievably encouraging and upbeat learning environment, led by a truly dedicated teacher. Richard is a motivating force in both words and example, and you can’t help but feel spurred to give it your all when he yells “Go!” at the beginning of a drill. I have the added benefit of having joined the class with my father. This has brought us much closer, and really, who doesn’t want to land a few punches on their dear old dad?Ultimately, you get what you put into it, and if you’re like any of the people I’ve met in Krav Maga, what you get is an unparalleled workout that endows each participant with a sense of confidence and security that lingers long after class has ended.”

– Jessica Chamberlin


chrystal_kruszelnicki“My sisters, friend and myself started Krav Maga in the summer of 2008 not really knowing what we were getting into, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions that we’ve made.  Three months later and 20 pounds lighter and fitter—I realize what an amazing accomplishment this has been.  I don’t even feel like I did anything special except show up to class…. and work my butt off for an hour!  Just when you feel like giving up Krav Maga challenges your inner strength and demands more. When you push yourself it is so rewarding and fulfilling.  Krav Maga is so much fun on a whole different level, and as all the other testimonials say, Richard keeps it interesting, fresh and fun with his compassionate and knowledgeable, no nonsense style of teaching. My little “Kravin it” group continues to challenge each other each class and entertain one another.”- Chrystal Kruszelnicki




darlana_lee“I first joined Krav Maga 2 years ago.  It was exactly what I was looking for – a FANTASTIC workout and great self defence techniques. Richard, our instructor, and the class dynamics always keep you focused and pushing yourself to do more than you ever thought you could.  I have also had the opportunity to train in a few centers in the USA. Although it was nice to get a different perspective on training, I realized just how much energy Richard brings to each of his classes.Four months after I started I had to quit because work took me out of town. Well, I’m back and it’s better than ever!  It has not only taught me self defence, but has also helped build up my fitness level, confidence, self awareness, and so much more! This is by far the best workout I have ever had, and would recommend this to anyone looking for an outstanding workout.”

– Darlana Lee


rod_d“To me, joining Krav Maga was much like buying life insurance: you hope you never have to use it, but have peace of mind knowing you’ve got it. Krav Maga has benefited me in a number of ways. First off, my fitness level is much better than it has ever been. The workouts I get at Krav Maga are much better than any I put myself through at the gym. Secondly and most importantly, I feel a lot better prepared both physically and mentally to defend myself, my wife and daughter should the need ever arise. And lastly, going to Krav Maga is a great place to meet and workout with people who are in the class for the same or similar reasons as me. The classes are made up of every-day people, so there is really no reason to be intimidated to come out.In addition, Richard’s teaching style encourages students to try their hardest, while never using methods that intimidate or frustrate them. From Day One you really get a sense that Richard wants his students to learn and succeed in his class every bit as much as they do – and he does.”

– Rod Desnomie


wayne%20mcelree“When I retired I wanted to devote more energy to my fitness and health. I wanted to find something that   would be fun, interesting, practical and challenging. I found all these and more in the Krav Maga  self defense program taught by Richard Kim. This practical self defense training provides 1 hour  sessions two to three times per week that are guaranteed to test and improve your fitness level while teaching you skills that you will always be able to call upon, if ever needed. I highly recommend the Krav Maga program to all those who are serious about improving their physical and mental fitness and well being no matter what their age.”- Wayne McElree



tyan_f“Since starting my training with Krav Maga Regina in October 2007, my fitness abilities are leaps and bounds ahead of where they were when I first began. Richard Kim leads his groups in a fast paced, never-slow-down style while still showing compassion for those people just starting out. I have been hooked since attending my first class and continue to make my round trips from Moose Jaw for the training. “- Tyann Fletcher

stuart_g“Retired from the military and over 40 I found myself looking in the mirror and discovered my physique growing un-proportionally around the mid section. Having always been a fitness fanatic I decided to do something about it. I joined a gym and went 5 times a week to try to bring both my weight and fitness back to the level I had been accustomed to. Nine months later I felt fitter but was unable to attain the level I wanted. Then my daughter pointed me to a web site that promoted a completely different concept, I phoned in and arranged to attend an introductory session.

On arrival I was greeted by head instructor Richard Kim, and promptly started to tell him how many sit-ups and weights I was capable of lifting. He was attentive and asked me to participate in his KM Fitness class. We started with the warm up exercises and then progressed onto more energetic movements. An hour later it was over and I was totally and utterly exhausted. My clothes were drenched with sweat, my muscles on fire and my whole body gasping for air. The workout was strenuous. Richard pushed us all to our limits and at the end of the session I left with a feeling of “oh my god, I can’t even open the exit door.” I returned the next day for more “punishment.” For some reason unknown to myself, I had to try it again. A week later I had cancelled my gym membership and continued to go to Krav Maga and I love it!

The cardio workouts are the best I have encountered, Richard always works tirelessly to ensure his sessions evolve, keeping all who attend working at their maximum potential. Unlike regular gyms, every one helps with encouragement and motivation. The self defense classes help to prepare for any unwanted attack or attention, as well as sharpening the mind under stress. In all, the total experience is rewarding both physically and mentally. Many fitness programs claim success. This one delivers it in an environment that is friendly and satisfying, so come on down and give it a try, you will discover an exciting fitness program that works for everyone. ”

– Stuart Gregory


kara_a“I started taking KM Fitness classes because I was looking for something that would help me get into shape. After my first class, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for and I was officially hooked. After about a month of taking the fitness classes 3 times a week, I was ready for more, so I started taking the Beginner Krav Maga self-defense classes, and again, I was hooked. I am now a daily attendee – “addict” is probably a better word to describe it. Krav Maga is the best workout I’ve ever done and Richard Kim is the best instructor out there. Richard maintains a motivating, challenging, and safe environment in all of his classes and welcomes new participants into an environment that will set them up for success.”- Kara Anderson



“If you want to know your past life, look into your present condition; if you want to know your future life, look at your present actions.”-Padma Sambhava.

alain_c“Krav Maga was a great part of my life for approximately four years. Even though it’s been a year since I attended classes, it still has a great impact on my life in the areas of who I am as a person physically, mentally and spiritually. Thanks to Richard Kim, whom I humbly consider my favorite Sensei. His teachings, whether it be on the physical or mental side, has made me a better and hopefully a more humble man today.”

– Alain Clermont

angela_miller“I have been training with Krav Maga Regina for approximately one year and the decision to train has been one of the best and most empowering decisions I’ve made in my life. I train as much as I can because the training is fun, challenging, and exciting. Krav Maga has been excellent for my mind and my body. I used to struggle with anxiety but since I started the training, I’ve developed new clarity in thought and the stress drills help me develop thought processes that have even assisted me in handling everyday conflict outside the training centre. Aside from the mental/emotional benefits I’ve experienced, I’m confident that my training has given me the skills to protect myself from physically threatening situations and I’m in the best shape of my life. Richard Kim maintains a safe learning environment and a positive atmosphere in the training centre. This training has been life changing for me and I highly recommend it. ”

– Angela Miller


krista_fondrick“I originally signed my daughter up for Krav Maga for the self defense aspect, as she’s encountered bullying and had some physical confrontations. I wanted her to be able to defend herself if need be. After watching the first few classes, I knew I wanted to join, and recruited my husband! Krav Maga is somewhat like first aid – essential skill but hope you never actually have to use it! Personally, finding an activity that I can do with my husband and daughter has been an awesome experience. Getting physically fit, and learning the skills to protect ourselves has been wonderful.Since beginning the “Krav Maga” experience – I feel stronger, more energized and in general better about myself.

Thank you Richard and thank you Krav Maga!!”

– Krista Fondrick


becky_dunbar“Krav Maga has changed me in many ways. Not only have I lost over 15 pounds just by training, I have gained confidence in myself and really strengthened my mind and body. From the high energy conditioning classes, to the one on one fight class, it really puts you physically and mentally to the test. Due to my instructor’s experience, I have improved a great deal, I have much more energy now than I’ve ever had. For me 1 hour at a Krav Maga class is equal to three hours at any gym, I have never sweat so much from a work out before in my life!”- Becky Dunbar



jason“Upon recommendation by my doctor to get more exercise I joined Krav Maga. The workouts are exhilerating and I am enjoying learning the practical techniques.Most important to me was the safe and friendly atmosphere fostered at the center. With frequent television appearances as part of my job it was important that I was not going into work with black eyes and missing teeth. This has never been a worry as I spar with someone with similar concerns.

I really enjoy my training and look forward to it every week. I would highly recommend it to anyone getting back into sport or purely as self defense. I’ve encouraged my wife to consider taking the intro level with some of her friends for the practicality of this martial art. The instructor is highly knowledgeable and a good teacher. The truest testimonial to this fact is how many of his students who started with us are still there two years later. ”

– Jason Dearborn


heidi_gruetzner“Richard is an awesome instructor who provides his students with the Krav Maga self-defense training as well as excellent conditioning classes on a weekly basis. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a practical self-defense program paired with a fantastic cardio work out. You won’t regret it!”

– Heidi Gruetzner


jayden“Krav Maga is like having a personal trainer, every night of the week. You go to your class, work out harder than you thought you ever could, and then you go home and have the best darn sleep of your life. There is nothing like Krav Maga out there.”

– Jayden Soroka


jamie_smith“I am now taking Krav Maga again after taking a couple of years off and almost everyday I ask myself “why did I stop for so long?” In just a few short weeks back at it, my confidence has been boosted as well as my energy. Krav Maga is one of the most healthiest and natural ways to feel great about yourself!”

– Jaymie Smythe




merlin_potschka“I am part of the 40 plus crowd and very privileged to be a part of this class. I have done running, cycling, hiking, weight training, etc. but this is the most physical exercise I have ever done in only one hour per class. I was ready to throw up on my first class but I found out that I was not alone. The classes are very professional and organized not to mention the motivation that Richard our instructor gives us. I like Krav Maga in that we learn self defence in a practical way ( not with fancy kicks or patterns) and we learn to defend and react under stressful situations. I also participate in the cardio classes hoping to one day finish every set!!!!! I would highly recommend Krav Maga to any one that wants to feel more secure about ones self, get back into the best shape of your life, and meet decent people along the way.”- Merlin Potschka






sandy_heathcote“After my first Krav Maga class, I was hooked! Richard is an amazing teacher with endless amounts of energy, forever challenging me. The atmosphere of the class and the high energy keeps me coming back. The push to do more and the encouragement of my classmates to go beyond what you think you can do is wonderful and gratifying. The fitness classes are a boost to the physically demanding self defense program. The self defense classes have given me the ability and confidence to protect myself. Richard teaches through examples in ways that are easy to understand for all age groups. It’s fun and easy to learn. After three years, I still can’t get enough.”- Sandra Heathcote


mitch_crumbley“The Krav Maga program is taught in a safe environment. The techniques applied by the students are controlled, but the teaching methods and practices ensure that learning the principles of self-defence are still received loud and clear. The instructor is very good at communicating the Krav Maga principles to the students, and ensuring that a complete understanding of the techniques – not only how to do something, but also why it should be done a particular way. “- Mitch Crumley


lisa_craig“I can’t believe the improvement in my fitness level both mentally and physically, and it is all thanks to Krav Maga. I receive more of a workout from a one hour Krav Maga session than I do from hours at the gym. Even more important is the confidence and sense of personal security I’ve gained from the self-defence and combat training!”

– Lisa Craig